How will you set yourself apart in the medical tourism industry?

Medical tourism has come a long way from the “Wild West” mentality once associated with it in its early years. It is now a maturing industry that has gained massive exposure and credibility. Surprisingly though, the vast majority of people who work in this field lack any sort of specialization, professional training or designation that validates them as true medical tourism professionals. Fortunately, this situation is changing as providers and buyers of healthcare services are starting to demand and seek out professionals and specialists in the medical tourism field.

Are you currently working with medical travelers in some capacity but lack the knowledge or skills to improve patient acquisition or patient experience drivers?

Are you interested in working with medical travelers but lack the knowledge or qualifications to enter the field?

Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to stand out above the crowd?

The Medical Tourism Association’s Certification programs were developed with the goal of providing individuals and organizations with designations of excellence within the medical tourism field.

Why get certified?

  • Improve your knowledge and skills substantially, quickly and continually
  • Offer a higher level of service to your clients and/or employer
  • Become a recognized Medical Tourism expert in your field
  • Improve your visibility and marketability
  • Increase your income

Like a university degree, a medical tourism professional designation is something that can be listed on your resume which will distinguish you from other candidates for new positions. It may also be required for some jobs. Essentially, becoming certified by the medical tourism Association will increase your credibility and influence as an expert in the medical tourism field, ultimately making you a more successful professional.

Who should get Certified?

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Travel Agents
  • Facilitators
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • Human Resource Executives