Why should I become certified?
Why is this certification unique?
Who are the certification course instructors?
Are there any course materials/books required for certification?
Can I receive my certification either in person or online?
If I cannot attend the Congress, how can I take the course online?
How do I sign up for the event so that I can receive the credits in person?
What is the purpose of taking an exam?
When does my certification become active?
Once certified, how can I use this certification? Where can I display my designation?
What is the process for completing the certification?
Are there continuing education requirements for certification?
Do you have a list of the types of work/courses that would qualify as continuing education requirements needed to maintain the certification designations?
Why are continuing education credits required after completion of the certification course?
Is it possible to receive group discounts if multiple people from our organization are obtaining certification?
Who do I contact for more information on the certifications?