Become a recognized medical tourism expert in your field

Specialization is a hallmark of any maturing industry; it goes hand in hand with improving quality and transparency. Medical tourism is no different. Increasingly, patients, employers and insurance companies are demanding and seeking out accredited hospitals and qualified professionals who are able to consistently deliver outstanding patient experiences, not just positive medical outcomes.

Higher quality standards and process improvements require the intervention and vision of experts. As a designated medical tourism professional you will be recognized as an expert in your field and the go-to person for employers and buyers of healthcare seeking top quality talent and/or exceptional services for their customers.

Increase your income

Although no one can guarantee that a particular certification will increase your income. There is compelling evidence that certified individuals tend to be:

  • more efficient and productive;
  • able to solve problems quicker;
  • more professional in their business or workplace;
  • and more respected by customers, employers and peers by showing that they have the most current knowledge appropriate for the medical tourism industry.

These attributes often translate into a higher income. According to a report by the Center on Education and Workforce at Georgetown University, Certification boosts lifetime earnings by $117,000 USD.

Offer a higher level of service to your clients and/or employer

Offering a higher level of service to your clients and employer, on a consistent basis, is not something that can be improvised; it requires in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations. There are considerations regarding culture and language, risk management and continuum of care that must be properly managed to ensure a high quality customer experience.

Regardless of whether you work in a hospital environment or as a facilitator of medical travel services, a professional designation by the Medical Tourism Association® demonstrates to your customers (external and internal) that you possess the necessary training and skills to offer them a superior level of service.

Improve your visibility and marketability
Our CMTP & CMTS program allows you the opportunity to stay relevant with B2B and B2C communication channels as a certified professional giving you maximum exposure which will provide you with potential leads. Use the certification seal and professional designation on your business cards, LinkedIn, Facebook, and all materials used to market yourself and business.
Improve your knowledge and skills substantially, quickly and continually

Knowledge is power. Having a certification validates knowledge and promotes excellence. Through online continuing education, you will stay up to date on industry updates, concepts and trends which will help you continuously build your business or increase your value to your employer.

Increase opportunities for promotion

It’s a fact: employers are more likely to promote individuals who are continually striving to improve their skills and knowledge. The fact that you have chosen to get certified by the Medical Tourism Association® demonstrates to your employer that you are self-motivated and committed to achieving excellence in the medical tourism profession.

Stay two steps ahead of the competition
Stay tuned in & ahead of the competition with access to industry updates via webcasts and webinars. Through our platform you will access resources enabling you to communicate with many other professionals in the industry. Demonstrate your ongoing expertise completing continuing education modules which will constantly keep you one step ahead. Medical Tourism certification programs will allow you to achieve professional certification in the medical tourism industry putting you ahead of the competition.