To remain competitive, today’s medical travel professionals must be knowledgeable in many areas including
the patient/guest experience, medical travel business models, case management, travel coordination,
marketing, risk mitigation, and legal and privacy issues. The Certified Medical Travel Professional (CMTP)
Program contains a comprehensive body of knowledge that covers topics ranging from the required core
competencies of individual professionals to the advanced specializations within the medical travel industry.
Through the CMTP program, GHA is committed to ensuring medical travel professionals have the skills and
knowledge to facilitate the seamless integration of quality, safety and service, at all touch points along the
Medical Travel Care Continuum ™.

The Certified Medical Travel Professional® Program

(Introductory Program for Individual Education Programs for Medical Travel), represents a comprehensive body of knowledge that cover topics ranging from the required core competencies of individual professionals to the advanced specializations within the medical travel industry. These in-depth training programs allow professionals to take the next step to demonstrate their full understanding of the medical travel industry. The CMTP certification program is available either online or in-person and begins at $1,500 USD.

What are the benefits of certification?

  • Offer a higher level of service to your clients and/or employer
  • Learn best practices in international patient management
  • Add to your portfolio a new “niche” business model, focused on medical, dental and wellness travel
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by showing your commitment to excellence to consumers and buyers of healthcare
  • Enhance your career and expand your opportunities for job promotion

What Will I Receive When I Pass the CMTP Exam?

  • The CMTP Professional Designation
  • Access to Online Continuing Education Resources
  • Gain Credibility Among Your Peers
  • Offer A Higher Level of Knowledge & Experience to Your Clients or Employer

Who Should Get Certified?

Anyone involved in or interested to become involved in the medical travel industry can benefit from this program. Primary participant roles include:

  • Medical Travel or Medical Travel Facilitators
  • Healthcare Executive Professionals
  • International Patient Coordinators
  • Travel Professionals
  • Hospitality Professionals
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers

Individual Education Programs for Medical Travel


The introductory program is a comprehensive program that covers the following topics:

Module 1 – Introduction to Medical Travel

Module 2 – Medical Travel Business Models

Module 3 – Operational Protocols & Services

Module 4 – Facilitation of Care

Module 5 – Payers

Module 6 – Marketing

Module 7 – Managing Risk & Events

Module 8 – The Importance of the Patient Experience

Module 9 – Comparative Medical Travel Models

Whether you have been in the healthcare industry for 30 years or are just entering the world of medical travel or medical Travel, the Introductory Program which provides participants the knowledge to pass the CMTP Exam, is a tremendous addition to any professional resume or portfolio.

Advanced / Continued Education Units (CEUs)

These individual advanced or continuing education units (CEUs) allow professionals to take the next step to achieve a more advanced understanding of a specific topic related to the medical travel or medical Travel industry.

A catalogue of options is available via our education platform, via available webinars or incorporated in events supported by the MTA around the world.


These custom programs are designed specifically for professionals profiles that require a in depth look into their role in the medical travel or medical travel industries.  These programs are designed to specifically empower these profiles, such as case managers, clinicians, or risk managers, will skills that will enhance the Medical Travel Care Continuum.

We welcome requests for programs to be built for profiles we have not historically served.  Upon evaluation of the group or market need, we would design a program accordingly.