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Certified Medical Tourism Specialist®

The Medical Tourism Association® spent years working closely with the international healthcare community to develop a progressive path of professional education and designations. The Certified Medical Tourism Specialist® (CMTS) designation is earned upon maintaining the CMTP Designation for 3 years and completing specific continuing education requirements. CMTS Designees must complete on average 10 hours of continuing education (CE) per year.

Achieve the most advanced designation in medical tourism industry

Achieving the CMTS Designation is a significant accomplishment by a professional in the medical tourism and medical travel industry. Create a profit center in the medical tourism industry.

Commitment to excellence

Earning this distinction communicates your expertise, experience and commitment to continuing education and professional development in the medical travel and medical tourism industries.

Certification Process

  • Maintain Your CMTP Designation for 3 years
  • Complete at least 3 Advanced Modules
  • Complete 1 Expert Program
  • Complete ten (10) hours of continuing education annually or 30 hours within three (3) years.
  • Re-certify every three (3) years


  • Achieve Additional Professional Success with the advanced 3 Year CMTS Designation
  • Access to Online Continuing Education Resources
  • Gain Additional Credibility
  • Offer An Even Higher Level of Knowledge & Experience to Your Clients & Employer


  • Maintain Your CMTP Designation for 3 Years
  • Complete at least 3 Advanced Modules ($100-$250 per module)
  • Complete 1 Expert Program
  • $450.00 Renewal Application Fee Due Every 3 Years

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